Need a Writer? We Have Three!

What we offer...

Do you have an idea for a film, or show and have no clue on how to bring it to life?

It sounds like you need a writer; which is pretty dandy, as we happen to have three!

We specialise in working alongside creative so and so's like you in order to provide high quality pieces of storytelling in a professional manner.

We pride ourselves in writing compelling narratives to a set specification that cater to our love of character based work.

If this sounds up your street, have a quick gander at our price list:

  1. Short Script (up to 30 pages)
    What you get:
    • Initial consultation meeting to discuss idea and tone etc.
    • Up to 10 drafts.
    • Frequent meetings to discuss progress and notes for potential changes/additions.
    • Great written dialogue based around characters you'll believe in.

    On top of this we're very interested to step up to any writing challenge. Don't be shy! Feel free to ask us about feature scripts and dialogue polishing.

    We've not priced these services because we want to treat them as a case by case kinda deal - so go on, give us a shot. We can't wait to meet you!

    To get in touch, drop us a mail at