George Reviews Stuff – “Sing” & “A Monster Calls”


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly Sing’s target audience. But yet again I’m not the target audience for most of Disney’s latest outputs and have still walked out of the cinema beaming like a child who’s just started his summer holidays compared to how I looked when leaving my screening of Sing where I probably looked like a child on their first day of term.

Uninspired animation and world-building (Zootopia just shamed the hell out of this movie) with a complete lack of character arcs or even a moral to the story (Zootopia just shamed the hell out of this movie, again) and don’t even get me started on the song choices…

So yeah, this really wasn’t for me. And if getting smashed over the head with horrific pop cover after horrific pop cover complete with lashings of auto-tune sounds like a good time at the cinema then this is definitely for you. And Simon Cowell. He’d love this shitty movie.

A Monster Calls

JA Bayona does it again.

Although far from perfect (there are more than a few wobbly performances unfortunately including Sigourney Weaver who really struggles with the material) this film is a modern day fairytale. And yes, the last 20 minutes is just as sad as everyone says it is. My god, I was a mess.

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