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We Make Stuff.

Since 2005 Top Hat Films have been making stuff.

Stuff that thrilled. Stuff that chilled. Stuff that stank... and even Stuff that made people smile. More often than not it was all of the above.

Since those idealistic days of re-enacting their favourite films scenes with any camcorder they could borrow, and an unhealthy enthusiasm, Top Hat Films have decided to branch out and extend their gang of film fans into a family of like-minded geeky film-makers set on making the most endearing stories they can.

Rob's Head

Now over to Rob with the plan . . .

(Hey, that rhymed!)

So what's the plan? Well, we here at Top Hat Films are working hard to produce said endearing stories with writing founded by characters that stay with you.

Not literally of course...that would be creeptastic.

So over the last six years we've been working our collective buttocks off to make our debut feature, "4:00am". There's been some bumps along the way but now we've started the ball rolling, we just can't stop.

We've got tonnes of stuff on the horizon that we're mega excited about; including a web series, shorts, a blog and more.

We'd love it if you'd join us.

In fact, that would be ruddy marvellous.

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